Importance of export sector in Bangladesh has steadily been increasing. Macro
economic objective of a nation is the national growth and development in terms
of the following aspect. Increasing economic growth and development as may
be measured by the increasing rate of Gross Domestic Product (GDP),
employment creation, creation of self-employment, increasing government
revenue for the expanded public finance or the government increase in purchase
of goods and services, equitable distribution of growth and development and
increased income and alleviation of poverty and finally making a relatively
favourable Balance of Trade (BOT) as well as the Balance of Payment (BOP).
Our growth or export sector is directly related to make a favourable Balance of
Trade (BOT) and is indirectly related to all aspect of economic growth and
development. Because of increased foreign remittance from manpower export
and export of Readymade Garments (RMG), our Balance of Trade (BOT) and
payment have been steadily increasing for the last few decades. According to
Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), importance of foreign aid has been
decreasing due to increased or expansion of export sector of Bangladesh. The
recent macro economic performance of Bangladesh is much better off than
before because of our better performance in the external sector, as documented
by Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD).

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