It is 39 years since Bangladesh is Independent. The country is considerably
matured in respect of its age. Although Bangladesh has succeeded in social and
economic development to some extent through various activities, it has not yet
been able to contribute significantly in politics. According to an official from the
European Union working in Bangladesh, the worst crisis that Bangladesh has
experienced since her liberation is political impasse. Political violence, corruption
under political shelter,strike,blockade are causing obstacle to development of this
country. It is a matter of great pity that Bangladesh is still one of the poorest
countries of the world. Many reasons come out when we try to search for the
causes of her lagging behind in respect of economy. Political clash is remarkable
of these reasons. On the one hand the ruling party misuses power and through ugly
partisan attitude adopt corruption and thus lead bureaucrats, official, businessmen
and on the whole the nation to unwanted corruption. On the other hand, the
opposition being deprived of what they expected involve themselves into hartal
and blockade with a striking attitude. As a result the mass suffers Even after four
decades of our independence we have not been provided with minimum standard
of life and living and a stable environment for good income and development. The
reasons for poverty are political violence, deterioration of law and other situation,
lack of rule of justice, weakness in administration, corruption in police
administration and related others. Because of the privileges, the politicians,
bureaucrats, businessmen and general people are involved in corruption

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